Bitcoin City

    Bitcoin City is the first city created in the continent of Cripto Country, based on a story where the main character is Satoshi Nakamoto.


    Ethereum City

    Vitalik created Ethereum City where all his avatars will look like miners, it is said that the most evolved criptonians are inside this city.


    Bnb City

    Changpeng created BNB City where all his avatars will look like traders, it is said that the most commercial criptonians are found within this city.

    And more Cities

    To Discover

    A Metaverse to Discover

    Cities Like SOLANA, LUNA, POLYGON and DOGE are coming. Stay alert!

    The Largest Metaverse

    CriptoCountry creates digital spaces which strengthen the freedom of avatars as well as their identity, these spaces in turn enable us to interact while carrying out transactions among users and enterprises integrating the revolutionary technology Blockchain by means of NFT commerce (Digital Property). The users within Metaverse will be able to interrelate, work and have fun depending on their interests. Enterprises will be given the opportunity to offer both their products and services, so as to expand their brand around Cities, Central Parks and billboards by the use of Marketing, diverting to the Web 3.0 and their ecosystems. Cripto Country allows ordinary people to go through the experience of taking part of this new digital area.

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    An exciting new era of digital experience is coming. Criptocountry change how we work, play, and connect with others.

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